Latino Weekly Review is a bicultural/bilingual publication focused on the Arts, Culture, Entertainment, Politics and Consumer Product Reviews. For general information write to or call Armando Mar Gutierrez at (664) 864-1678..

The publisher Dr. Juan Rodriguez Flores explains why he decided to launch LWR, “the decision to start this publication dealt with the question: isn’t there enough entertainment and cultural magazines and tabloids in the Los Angeles area to afford yet another one? The answer was obvious, yes there are plenty, but not a single one offering bicultural readers, with a perspective of what goes on in the arts, culture, and on entertainment that reflected their point of view.”

With the slogan “El Reflejo de Nuestra Cultura,” LWR began its circulation on March 2003. The strategy set forth by MexAmerica Productions was to initially distribute three monthly issues, to obtain the feedback from readers and potential advertisers. On July 2003, LWR continued with a bi-weekly schedule and by December 2003-January 2004 there are plans to offer it on a weekly basis

With circulation of eighty thousand, verification in process, LWR is distributed in Santa Monica, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, Pasadena and Los Angeles.

On July 2003 LWR launched its electronic version.


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