Flamenco Dreams: 1st Annual Los Angeles Flamenco Festival


by/por: Xavier Sibaja

Inspired in the movie Gilda (1946) starring Rita Hayworth and Glenn Ford, in the scene where she performs “Put the Blame on Mame”,Flamenco Dreams , directed by Esther Ponce, re-interprets this tale of a love triangle and highlights its manifestations of jealousy, betrayal, and sexually charged seduction.

Flamenco Dreams Gathers 13 of the most accomplished Flamenco artists in a presentation first seen in L.A. This new company of artists from Spain will-re-interpret the Hollywood’s myth of Flamenco .

Directed by the fiery Spaniard Esther Ponce, known as the new revelation of Flamenco dance in 2003,Flamenco Dreams is the launching of the 1st Annual Los Angeles Flamenco Festival in and is a special opportunity for the Los Angeles audience to have for the first time the most recognized Flamenco artists in the world. As Esther Ponce explains “the inspiration to put together this new ensemble came to me in the way Flamenco is: passionately boundless, spontaneous and unpredictable. Therefore it should not be a surprised that the artists caught in this same spirit agreed to come to Los Angeles in a very short notice.” Ponce ads “I’m sure this project has an angel since most of the artists usually are in world tours and it is quite remarkable that the calendar of all participating artists was clear for this special occasion.”

Flamenco Dreams will be performed from Friday, November 14 through Sunday, November 16, 2003 in the San Gabriel Civic Auditorium – 320 S. Mission Dr. San Gabriel, CA 91776. Friday and Saturday at 8:30 p.m. and Sunday at 7:00 p.m.

For tickets the public can visit www.ticketweb.com or call 1-866-468-3399. Depending on the performance day, tickets prices range $25 to $70. Digital event related images and interviews with Esther Ponce are available upon request. Please visit www.estherponce.com for more information.

About Flamenco Dreams
In Gilda (1946) Rita Hayworth’s dance and signing performance in Gilda’s “Put the Blame on Mame”, which became a signature moment for Hayworth’s career, is placed in Buenos Aires at the Flamenco Dreams Casino. A story of a love triangle between Gilda, her husband the casino owner Ballen (George Macready), and the gambler for hire Johnny (Glenn Ford.) This scene reveals the power of female seduction over a man that cannot resist the forbidden fruit, the perverse mind of a husband that became paraplegic actively plotting for the unfaithfulness of her wife, this in addition that he seems attracted to Johnny. Regardless of his responsibility in the matter he decides that both Gilda and Johnny have to be punished by their adultery.

Three dancers will be re-interpreting the Hollywood portrayal of Flamenco, re-creating the set of the film, the presentation of Flamenco Dreams is folds in elements of modern Flamenco music, Indian, Sephardic, Latin, Arabic and Blues.

The Flamenco Dreams ensemble gathers 13 world-class artists that had been selected for the launching of this annual festival. They all trace their heritage to the famous barrio from Madrid “El Rastro.” Together they compile over one hundred CD’s

About Esther Ponce
Born in Madrid, Spain and known in 2003 as the new revelation of Flamenco dance, Esther Ponce is considered one of the best Flamenco choreographers and her performances are famous for its beauty, elegance, sensuality and strength. Ponce taught at the most prestigious flamenco academy in the world, “Amor de Dios,” in Madrid. Ponce also obtain the First National Award in Dance at age 16, which allowed her to travel the world as First Dancer performing “El Amor Brujo” of the virtuoso composer Don Manuel de Falla. Ponce performance of “El Amor Brujo” was broadcasted worldwide while she joined Rocio Jurado, Alicia de la Rocha, Carmen Linares, and Paco Romero, the Director of the Spanish National Ballet.

She inaugurated the Liceo Theatre in Barcelona, with the great Opera Singer Alfredo Kraus and was commissioned by Iberia Airlines for the Expo ’92 TV Commercial in Sevilla. Also toured with the celebrity singer Raphael, as singer and dancer throughout South America. Ponce has danced with the best flamenco dancers of the moment, Joaquin Cortes, Antonio Canales, and has appeared in TV, radio, and movies. Presented her company in the Salerno Dance Festival, in “Arena del Mare” and the “Sydney’s Opera House” in 2001.

In 2002 she danced in Los Angeles as guest dancer for Antonio Banderas at the Golden Eagle Awards and in 2003, she was hosted by the General Consulate of Spain in Los Angeles.

About the Company
Jose Carbonell “El Montoyita” a Grammy, a guitarist, is a Grammy Award nominee for Pasion Gitana with music by Joaquin Cortes, also musical director of Enrique Morente Cantaor with 20 CDs released, “El Potito”, Monse Cortes, and Estrella Morente. He is also the Musical Director for this first Flamenco Festival Flamenco Dreams.

Also in strings is the guitarist Juan Jose Suarez “Paquete” a music producer of guitarist Tomatito. He is a founder of the pop flamenco group “La Barberia del Sur” and of “Ketama”

Bernardo Parrilla first Flamenco violin play for guitarist “Tomatito”, Paco de Lucia, Enrique Morente. Also for dancers Joaquin Cortes, and Antonio Canales.

Martin (bass and piano) in string instruments is part of the touring ensemble of the pianist Jose Maria Cortina which in turn is producer of the well-known pop flamenco group “Ketama”, “La Barberia del Sur”, and is musical director of the celebrity flamenco singer “Nina Pastori. Cortina. He is the best-known pianist in flamenco music.

Antonio Carbonell has 8 cds produced, he is the representative in Spain during the Festival of Eurovision Music Awards. He also is artistic director of the singer Enrique Morente and of his daughter Estrella Morente. He is been invited to join the dance company of Joaquin Cortes.

Enrique Heredia “El Negri” is founding member of the Flamenco pop group “La Barberia del Sur. Known for his special way of singing boleros Flamenco style, he is also a connoisseur of Salsa and of all Latino rhythms. His last CD release was “Fragua Futura”

Pepe Luis Carmona of “Los Carmona,” he is a vocalist of “La Barberia del Sur” Has sang for Antonio Canales, Sara Bacas, “El Güito”, among many. Has released more than 15 CDs.

Jose Motos “El Bandolero” a member of the group. “Ketama”. Also is first percussionist of the dancer Joaquin Cortes. His musical creations accounts in over 100 CDs released, the most famous “Echegaray Street”

In percussion “El Morito” descents from the most well known flamenco families, he is son of the famous singer “El Moro.” He has play for very important performers like “La Nina Pastori” Sara Batas, the singer Remedios Maya, the dancer Antonio Canales, and Joaquin Cortes. He also participates in the group “Echegaray Street”

Jose Maya “Joselito”, a 20 year-old dancer is a rising star of dance. He began his dancing career at age 2 in main locations throughout the world. He also plays the guitar and sings Flamenco; lately he has shared the stage in tour with the number one Sevillean dancer “Farruquito” known for his “zapateo” or tapping.

Kelian Jimenez, comes from a family of artists “the Jimenez”. Having appeared in many film and television productions in several countries. This handsome 22 year-old performer is first dancer of the Antonio Canales ensemble his style stands out for his elegance.

Technical crew:
Antonio Maldonado- Sound Technician with Joaquin Cortes
Belory – Light Designer with Joaquin Cortes
Production Technician-Curro Conde and Manager of Estrella Morente



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