Pablo Escobar, el Patron del Mal. Whoever does not know the story…


by Polo Munoz

Pablo Escobar, just the name conjures up anger, fear and curiosity. The damage done to Colombia and to the rest of the world by this man is inconceivable. He hurt many families that are still recovering, and set up a business paradigm that is now the basis for the violent cartels that have invaded Mexico.

Telemundo premieres “Pablo Escobar, el Patron del Mal” tonight. The sixty episodes are based on truth, but are also meant to entertain. At the screening I had the opportunity to speak with writer Juan Camilo Ferrand. One of his goals was to write for several audiences, one of them being the youth that have a vague awareness of who Escobar is and what he did. They constantly hear about what is happening in South America, especially Mexico, this story will give them some background. Juan wants to make sure that, although the series must be entertaining to bring and create an audience as it has in Colombia, there also is reality that they must understand, violence is not glamorous and it is deeply painful. The scars are not completely healed, and may never be.

When I was first invited, I meant to ask why someone would provide so much time to a man that is considered a saint in some of the most violent circles in the world, but the first episode that was screened said it all, the first sentence uttered, “Whoever does not know his story, is condemned to repeat it.”

The show is fast paced and it is entertaining. There are many clues on how Escobar began his career and how someone could become what he became. If you want to find out, tune in weeknights starting tonight, Monday, at 8pm on Telemundo.


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