Moonlight outshines La La Land in dramatic Hollywood styled ending


The nights odds were that La La Land would run la la la all the way home with the Oscar for Best Picture, but in true Hollywood drama, it would be a Moonlight evening. After an error in the unveiling of the final envelope the true winner emerged—Moonlight was named Best Picture of the year.


Casey Affleck took home the Oscar for Best Actor in Manchester by the Sea and the stunning Emma Stone reveled with her Oscar for Best Actress. Best Supporting Actors honors went to Viola Davis in Fences and Mahershala Ali in Moonlight.




Moonlight claimed three Oscars while La La Land hauled away six Oscars. Director, Damien Chazelle took home his Oscar for Best Director and the lovable Zootopia pranced away with the Oscar for Best Animated Feature.


Perhaps in the coming years we’ll see a special Oscar category for Emcee with the Best Poise. Jimmy Kimmel certainly would be the sure winner.


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