Rock n Roll and Surfing come together to create this Holiday Capstone Men’s Collection


By/Por: Leah Bergman


What do you get when you combine the rock n roll guitar company Fender with the surfing apparel and accessories company Hurley?  Together, they form an iconic Southern California Holiday Capstone look.


“The Hurley x Fender collaboration represents two innovative brands with deep roots in Southern California culture,” said C.R. Stecyk III, Creative Art Director, Hurley. “It was exciting to work alongside the Fender team and create product representative of both brands’ heritage and passion.”

This look was inspired by the iconic tweed print of Fender’s amplifiers from the mid-fifties and Hurley’s signature boardshorts.  The SRFGTR tee pays homage to artist Bob Perine’s “You Won’t Part With Yours Either” campaign, which inspired Southern California youth to perform wild surf stunts with their Fender guitars slung around their necks and amplifiers in hand while riding waves.

I  might not have brought my guitar, but I went out to brave the waves.  After suiting up with some Hurley wetsuits, the Hurley’s Surfing Club instructors, who could have walked right out of the pages of the men’s collection catalog, treated us to step by step “get the wave” instructions.  It was a fun-filled day and the perfect way to celebrate the capstone look.  I may not be ready to enter the U.S. Open surf competition, but I sure looked smart in my new Hurley clothing.


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