Besides a Little Black Dress, 3 Wardrobe Must Haves


By/Por Leah Bergman


1.  Maxi Dress

I have many maxi dresses in my closet because they are so versatile. They work for both casual or more dressy occasions.  If I’m unsure if an event is casual or not, I play it safe by putting on a maxi dress.  You can’t go wrong.  Here is one by acclaimed fashion designer Hale Bob.



2.  Rompers

Rompers are the rage this season and are flirty and fun.  Great for brunch or dress it up for a night out with the girls.  Here’s two  by Mister Triple X


3.  Jumpsuits

A jumpsuit is classy and speaks confidence.  Throw on a jacket and wear it to work then dress it up and you are ready for date night. Here’s a great jumpsuit by Mario De La Torre. 





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