Beverly Hills Rallys Around Their Police Department


By/Por: Leah Bergman

bh-policeDressed in Robert Cavalli, she was not trying to arrest anyone. Instead, actress Sophia Milos, known for her role in CSI Miami, was there to support Beverly Hills Police Department.


She was not the only one. Celebrities and Beverly Hills residents came out to volley a few balls in the tournament and raise money for the Beverly Hills police department.  “I’m very supportive of the police,” said Vera Markowitz, a local resident who is running for city council. “I believe the police in Beverly Hills are probably one of the biggest draws why people live there… I do not know a resident that doesn’t support the police.”

Beverly Hills retired police chief Dave Snowden talked about why the fundraiser was important.  He said, “To know what we do, why we do it, and get involved.  I think it makes the community feel more at one with the police department and its personnel.” He continued by explaining that the police cannot do their job without community support. The police need the community to report what is occurring in the neighborhood.  He said, “It just doesn’t happen without support from the community.”

The highlight of the tournament was a match featuring world class tennis champion James Blake.  After Blake’s run in with police in New York, it might be surprising that Blake would want to support the police.  Last year Blake was mistakenly tackled to the ground by plainclothes police officer Frascatore as he waited outside of the Grand Hyatt Hotel.  It was reported by the New York Times that the officer was found to have used excessive force.  Blake commented how he believed that the police officers who use excessive force do not “deserve to wear the badges that so many others have earned.” He also stated, “I think 98 to 99.9 percent [of police officers]are doing it the right way and the 1 percent are getting way too much of the media attention.” He continued with, “I’m sure there are accountants that do their job the wrong way, plumbers who do their job in the wrong way, and police officers that do their job the wrong way, and they need to be held accountable.”

In the end Blake believes, “It’s really important to support those that are doing the job in the right way.  The ones that are putting their lives on the line… They deserve all of our respect, all of our support.”


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