President Barack Obama to Guest-Edit Wired


By/Por Gabrielle Borges, Special for LWR

President Obama is about to be unemployed, so it makes sense that he’s trying out different things. His latest exploration? Magazine editor. Obama will serve as the guest-editor of Wired’s November issue.

The magazine lists one important similarity between itself and President Obama; they’re both “relentless optimists.” The issue the president will be guest-editing follows along a similarly forward looking theme—frontiers. It’s an expansive exploration of the term, and the stories under the president’s purview cover medicine, civil rights, climate change and AI, among other issues.

Following in the footsteps of first lady Michelle Obama, who guest-edited More magazine in 2015, Obama will become the first president to guest-edit a magazine, the publication said Tuesday. The magazine also noted in its announcement that the White House will convene a “Frontiers conference” inspired by the issue that will be co-hosted by the University of Pittsburgh and Carnegie Mellon University on Oct. 13.

This is not the first time the president has dabbled in magazine journalism. He penned a powerful essay on feminism for Wired‘s sister publication, Glamour, for the magazine’s September issue. The Obama-edited Wired issue will be available at newsstands from Oct. 25.

The announcement comes just days after Wired endorsed Hillary Clinton, marking the magazine’s first presidential endorsement in its 23-year history. Clinton won Wired’s praise for supporting net neutrality, pledging to strengthen the Affordable Care Act, and aiming to make immigration easier for people with STEM degrees.


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