Tarzan Swings to Life in This Exciting Modern Rendition


By/Por:  Leah Bergman

Handsome and debonair, John Clayton III (played by Alexander Skarsgård) seems at home in his life as a gentleman.  As the story continues, glimpses into his former life unfolds until we are taken from the bustling city to a wild domain, and the gentleman once again becomes the king of the jungle–Tarzan.

Tarzan Alex

Alexander Skarsgård at the Premiere of “The Legend of Tarzan.” Photo Credits: Dolby Laboratories

Tarzan takes us on a wild adventure into a land of traditions and dangers.  The biggest threats do not come from the realistic, majestic animal interactions, but from a countryman who wishes to trade Tarzan to a native Congolese for diamonds.

The story, a childhood favorite, was given a modern twist that was intriguing and exciting, and surprisingly, touched on issues stemming from the diamond trade to slavery.  The flashbacks were clever and really captured the beginning of the romance between Tarzan and Jane (played by Margot Robbie).

Tarzan Margot

Margot Robbie at the Premiere of “The Legend of Tarzan.” Photo Credits by: Dolby Laboratories

Perhaps all the years of playing a vampire on the acclaimed show “True Blood,” helped the 6’4” Swede Skarsgård capture the raw,  animalistic nature of Tarzan to perfection. Unlike his character Eric Northman, Skarsgård gave Tarzan a sensitivity that made his connections with animals believable and his love for Jane romantic. This movie is definitely a must-see.

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Tarzan DolbyI’m getting spoiled because I’m watching all these movies in Dolby.  What makes that special?  The sound quality (Dolby Atmos) and the visual quality (Dolby Visual) gives an emotional impact and enhanced experience that you just can’t find in a regular theater or at home.  To understand further, here’s my article on “The Sound of Filmmaking.” http://latinoweeklyreview.com/?p=291919



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