Captain America Civil War- Go Behind the Scenes with Robert Downey Jr.


By/Por:  Leah Bergman

Are they heroes or are they vigilantes? Viewers are taken on an adventure of epic proportions as their favorite super heroes are put to the test as they question not only each other, but their own motivations.  This causes a division that leads to a face-off between Team Iron man and Team Captain America.  It’s a contest of wills and strength as the super heroes face-off and choose sides. Who will win and who will you cheer for? Team Iron Man or Team Captain America?

Before you decide, go behind the scenes with Robert Downey Jr., Daniel Bruhl, Anthony Russo and Joe Russo and see how new Dolby technologies have taken film making to a new level.

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The impact that Dolby Vision brings to the screen with such vivid colors coupled with the sound of Dolby Atmos makes you feel you are right in the middle of the action.  It’s an epic experience for an epic movie.


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