I Always Have Time for Jesus – Interview with Juan Pablo di Pace


By/Por:  Leah Bergman

My response was, “I always have time for Jesus.” In this case, Jesus came in the form of a handsome, Argentinian named Juan Pablo di Pace. We had a brief moment of introduction before the cameras started rolling and  a very human moment as we both realized it was past lunch time and we hadn’t eaten all day.

Human is the exact term he used to describe how he wished to portray Jesus, not that he was negating that he was the Son of God, just simply exploring that Jesus was with us and experienced human experiences and feelings. “Ultimately, I wanted to give him humanity, and I wanted him to be a real man even though he had this incredible mission and he was the Son of God. He was still with us and he felt all those things,” said di Pace.

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Designs of Luciano Capozzi


Interview took place in the interactive Bible museum

Interview took place in the interactive Bible museum


To see what else I spoke about with Juan Pablo di Pace, see the video below:

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Photo Credits:  (Main image and costume designs) Billy Zimmer   (Exhibit)  Leah Bergman


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