Is Free, Renewable, Wireless Energy Possible?


By/Por:  Leah Bergman

Photo credits:  Joseph Sikorski

If we were to film “Back to the Future” today and peer 30 years into the future, we might imagine a tower that couldtesla quote 1 supply free, wireless, clean energy to the world, even the remotest regions. What is not taught in mainstream education, is that one man not only imagined this seemingly sci-fi invention, but started building one as well.

Nicola Tesla was an inventor, a visionary, and humanitarian that started building this tower at Wardenclyffe in the early 1900s. The documentary “Tower to the People” documents Tesla’s journey as inventor and shows how corporate greed crushed the advancement of civilization and discredited one of the most brilliant men of our time, a man who is responsible for many of the modern conveniences that we use today. “Part of our mission is we want to try to help Tesla’s reputation be rehabilitated, so we can pursue his research which had been marginalized so badly by corporate interests and scientific rivalries,” said indie director Joseph Sikorski.

nicola tesla

The documentary not only discusses the intricacies of the tower, but also shows the aftermath and how a group of tesla quote 2apeople came together to preserve the legacy of Tesla through the power of the internet. Sikoski said, “I think that’s the only way it’s ever entirely possible—social media and through the people is the only way the tower is going to be rebuilt. There are so many corporate interests, for obvious reasons, wouldn’t want to see that pursued.”

Sikorski’s thought provoking film shows the history of a man and his inventions, but what makes his film brilliant is that he puts the power back into the hands of the people and shows them that collectively they can make a difference and make a change that corporate interests won’t allow.

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