Day of the Dead at Hollywood Forever: A Celebration


By, Polo Munoz, Managing Editor

As a child in a rural small town in Mexico, I was introduced to El Dia de los Muertos by visiting the grave of my grandmother’s father, I think. So it was a somber introduction to a celebration that I did not understand because I was scared most of the day. When I asked my grandmother about it, her response was a simple; “be serious, you are among the dead.”

Some of the older films in Mexico were made with the tradition of the sobering reality of death, and living in poverty.

The experience of this tradition in the United States is certainly different. It is more festive and more cultural. The depictions of death are not somber or scary, they are downright fun and in cases sweet.

Hollywood Forever Cemetery celebrates the Day of the Dead with exhibits, food , and music, The day will end on a celebratory concert headlined by renowned artist, Lila Downs, The celebration starts today at 12:00, check out the agenda for the day. Visit their website for more information,

General Admission: $20 per person

Children 8 years and under and Seniors 65 and over free until 4pm

Hollywood Forever Cemetery
6000 Santa Monica Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90038





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