“Black-ish” – Are you listening?


By Polo Munoz, Managing Editor

Black-ish is elegant, funny, well written, bold, fearless, culturally relevant and powerfully educational. Our country finds itself looking for guidance on how things should be, certainly trying to evolve from things as they are. The first episode addresses one of the most controversial words, “The Word,” it is a serious, elucidating and entertaining attempt to give some guidance on creating respect through knowledge.

We know that social justice is not a given. In a country that prides itself on opportunity, lack of truth and compassion drives most decisions made by a culture that is driven by angst and connects to angry billionaires and “bros” who just want to make money regardless of who their ambition kills.

This show is revolutionary in that it creates a safe place for the viewers to digest and do some soul searching. There are still too many folks that ignore the horrible acts perpetuated by racism and misogyny.

Black-ish tells us truths, we need to listen.


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