Lady Gaga’s designer joins others for a show to bring breast cancer awareness for LA Fashion Week


By/Por:  Leah Bergman

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It could have been a city street in New York, but on this evening instead of being transformed by movie magic, the studios at Warner Bros rolled out the red carpet for an epic evening of entertainment and fashion.  The evening was in celebration of LA Fashion Week’s Metropolitan Fashion Week Closing Gala.

Special performance by Cristina Rose. Costume by Shokra LA

Special performance by Cristina Rose. Costume by Shokra LA

The Gala is unique in that it showcased not only fashion designers, but costume designers as well.  Ricardo Soltero is a costume designer that brings a Latin flair to the runway.  He is known for his amazing dress that gives tribute to legendary artist Frida.  This year his costumes exploded with color and head pieces that defied imagination.

Costume designer Perry Meek, on the other hand, was mystical with forbidden apples and metallic breast plates.  He is no stranger to fantasy as he has been designing for the infamous Lady Gaga for the last five years.

The Gala was an opportunity for designers to showcase their work, but it was also given to bring awareness to breast cancer.  Guests were asked to stand if they have had or have known someone who has had cancer.  It was astounding to realize just how many people have been affected by this disease. During the moment of silence, the emotions I felt watching my own Mother battle breast cancer, flooded back.

By Kicka Custom Design

By Kicka Custom Design

It was capstoned with survivors walking the runway in pink gowns. “The pink dress that you see here is actually worn by my girlfriend Celeste, who is a breast cancer survivor,” said costume designer Marika Soderlund-Robinson of Kicka Custom Design.  She continued with, “It is a great honor for me to make a costume for her.”


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