Fear and Power: The Tools of the Killers


By Polo Munoz, Managing Editor

Many of the kids I work with are very familiar with Call of Duty and other video games that are point of view shooter based, they love to see gore and violence and at its horror/gore films, and many production companies are praised for delivering these products to their young clients. What is also very interesting is that these kids also love cartoons and films that have no violence. When we discuss their personal stories, they are about something that they or their families accomplished, yet they are continually being fed violent super hero stories where no one gets hurt, or those that get hurt are not the “good” characters or are aliens.

So we a keep experiencing mass murders and we shake our heads in sadness and acceptance, and some immediately attack those that want to get the lethal weapon off the streets and attack the mindset of the attacker. We have found a way to protect the place and the people that have already been hurt, and ignore that there is a great chance these massacres will happen again.

We have created a script that allows angry, mentally disturbed people to execute those of us who are just living our life, and their backers are happy to see this because others like the executors find it thrilling and exciting that someone has followed their plan and there are “normal” people out there that will protect them as a group.

We have become a target of fear and of power.


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