Straight Outta Compton – Militant Rage, Go See It


By Polo Munoz, Managing Editor

I may be late to the party in adding my thoughts of a film that may no longer be in the theaters, if it is, look for it and go check it out. There are of course many of the mature subjects associated with gangster rap, and of course all poverty stricken areas. So again, go see it.

The story is a snapshot of the struggle to make a better life in an environment where the most aggressive have a chance. The entrepreneurial opportunities for youth of color, and especially black youth are simply not there. If they happen to understand the value of art and the opportunity that it gives them, but then do not understand the work it takes to polish those skills, then we have a disenfranchised youth with no way out of a situation she/he does not control.

The millionaires and billionaires that have come from those impoverished areas are few, but they are there. They are generally folks in the entertainment business. Their stories inspire us, but they should also shame us. The story of NWA is important because it shows that all through their mistakes; their skills and work ethic, led them out of a place that repressed them and from people that do not want to participate in their struggle or don’t understand them as artists. There is a lot of truth to the story, and there is a lot in their story that we can change if we are involved with those youth from their beginning. That they succeeded in spite of the challenges is admirable. However, they should succeed because of the support and guidance given them, and it does not start when they are successful, it starts when they first come into this life.


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