“Sicario” go see it.


By Polo Munoz, Managing Editor

The theatre was almost full there were more folks like me curious about “Sicario,” the latest film Benicio del Toro stars in, than I expected. Morbid curiosity led me to the Archlight theatre in Hollywood. The promise of several hours of an action packed film and the opportunity to observe the events happening in Mexico through the safety of a Hollywood dramatic window was just right for me to spend the almost $20 bucks per ticket. It was worth it, the popcorn, sour candy and the almond ice cream made the night even better.

There are several storylines, as in most movies, except these ones were all very compelling and well told. Emily Blunt plays the reluctant FBI heroine, Josh Brolin plays the necessary hard boiled warrior, and the unwitting sheep played by Maximiliano Hernandez. The main story is action packed, exciting, sad and scary. We have read the accounts in the Mexican newspapers, if not, you should. There are many moments that revealed hard truths about these two country’s struggle with drugs and the violence it unleashes. The film will make you think about those that you choose to not think about and will give you an insight into the thought process of those “fighting” this war.

“Sicario” is a rated R movie for good reason. It is violent and the point is driven relentlessly that the war on drugs is still here, not getting any easier and it has been created and maintained by us. Go see it.



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