Pre-Emmy Party Celebrated in “Thai” Style


By/Por:  Leah Bergman

Photo Credits:  Brian To

Exotic. Aromatic. Vibrant.  Held at the Royal Thai Consulate Residency, the Pre-Emmy festivities began in style.

Guests were treated to the flavorful Thai cuisine while watching traditional Thai performances.  Exotic and intricately made floral designs were placed on our wrists, and we watched as watermelons, carrots, and other fruits and vegetables were transformed into works of art.  All of the senses were evoked as we celebrated not only the Emmys but the cuisine, fashion, and culture of Thailand.

dancing flowers

I had the opportunity to interview the beautiful actress Elizabeth Rohm.   She was dressed in an exquisite golden traditional Thai gown, and after seeing Rohm wearing a beautiful arm band as well as the models in the fashion show, I really want to incorporate armbands into my next ensemble.  Rohm told me, “Since I love fashion, I’ll be particularly interested in working with the Queen of Thailand’s initiative to promote the textile industry there.”

Rohm plans on visiting the Queen Sirikit Museum of textiles that is located inside the compound of the Grand Palacerohm with daughter in Ratsadakorn-bhibhathana Building. Rohm said, “It serves as a source of information and research on Thai woven textiles and the history of Thai traditional costumes,” she then added, “I’m looking forward to taking my daughter Easton there as well.”

Rohm’s interest in the Thai culture came about through her philanthropic work, “I was spending time in Cambodia with the American Red Cross and became friends with some Thai people living there,” she said.  Her interest blossomed and then she was asked by LA PR Guru Steve Valentine “to help him get the word out.” Rohm said, “I’m honored and very grateful to have this opportunity to collaborate with Thailand and to aid them in increasing their exposure.”

She has now entered into a partnership with Thailand Tourism, “I’ll help bring the entertainment industry awareness to the destination and its many amenities, particularly the welcoming people and culture.  I’m also a mom and will demonstrate all the family friendly aspects of making a trip there,” said Rohm.

fashion pic


RoBI0A0582 (002)hm is very well travelled and is looking forward to travelling to Thailand and experiencing the rich culture and diverse tapestry.  “I would like to really understand the way the local people live there and document this trip when I plan to be there.  We will be devoting our time to the local people, arts, and history of Thailand,” said Rohm.

When asked who her Emmy picks were, Rohm said, “ I love “Orange is the New Black.”  I’ve played a lot of tough gal roles, gritty character portraits, and I’d love to get on the show and in the jail cell with this great cast!.” She continued with, “I have many cultural and philanthropic interests and have been invited to an important debut event here in Beverly Hills on November 7th for the top African wildlife conservation organization called WildAid.  Their film is in the “Nature Documentary” category– “Saving Africa’s Giants”, so I’ve got finger’s crossed for that one.  Who knows maybe after Thailand, I’ll be going to Africa.”




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Elizabeth Rohm’s second film with director David O Russell comes out at Christmas as she returns with the same ensemble cast of American Hustle:  Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper, and Robert DeNiro.  She plays his daughter and Jennifer Lawrence’s sister in JOY.




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