by/por: Mariano Centinela

The day that they interviewed for “Into The Blue” with director John

Stockwell, Jessica Alba and Paul Walker realized that they would love to be part of the experience.

“Both have a passion for the open sea and it gave us enough confidence to take on the challenges that this film would be,” they recently agreed while the promotion for the film was taking place at a swanky hotel next to the Santa Monica beach, in view of a clear sky, perfect for an aquatic adventure like the one in “Into The Blue.”

Even though both their careers have developed far away from each other, both Alba and Walked clicked off immediately, and in their own right, have come to be part of the most popular and sought-after actors in the new generation of Hollywood heartthrobs.

Still, neither seems to be losing any sleep over the idea of becoming the flavor of the month, again, or be seen around with other celebrities, be it on magazine covers or on the red carpet.

“I am quite happy with what I already have. I have never dreamed with becoming an actor, let alone a movie star. All has been a win for me, the satisfaction that I have garnered with my films is already something for which I am quite grateful,” says Paul Walker. “I now live in Santa Barbara, and my home is next to the Pacific Ocean. I lead a wonderful relationship with my wife and I have a little daughter that is the light of my eyes. I keep a tight relation with my parents and my brothers, and I would not change that for anything in the world.”

As for beautiful, curvaceous Jessica Alba, anything related with the word ‘celebrity’ should not be taken very seriously. “I think it is an illusion created by the media and the Hollywood publicists,” she asserts. “There is people dedicated to reach that without being able to make it. I, on the other hand, admire actresses like
Angelina Jolie, Sharon Stone and Elizabeth Taylor, who have been able to cash in on their celebrities for something that they really care for. Fame is not a goal per se, but rather a tool that can be used for a greater good and the realization of some very noble causes.”


As regards to the sexy image that has been promoted of her in other films (Sin City, Fantastic Four), as well as in this film, Ms. Alba’s reply makes it very clear that this is only part of the fantasy world of movies.

“I am well aware of the development that my image has had latterly, but I am, after all, the daughter of a fairly conservative family, and was educated with very traditional values, that I still abide by. This is why I have tried to keep my private life away from the development of my career. Those who know me personally know that there is a big difference between that public image and who I really am. I do not see it as a problem. On the contrary, I feel it is very normal for those who spent most of their lives making movies.”

With “Into The Blue,” for example, I appeared all the time wearing a spectacular and small bikini, but I had not done this out of a personal wish to appear scantily clad. It is part of the character and the story. The moments away from the camera, believe me, I spent it by my own, wrapped in a huge towel, dreaming with the day I would come home.”

His previous interest in marine biology played some part in his interest for the role, says Paul Walker, who had almost gone through that career path had the film industry not snatched him in time. “How could I not think of myself as a fortunate guy when I can go back, in the form of research for a role, into that environment that I’ve almost made my career?” It is for that reason, he says, that he has not lost his appetite for acting.

“Unlike Jessica (who began acting early as a child in TV shows like “Flipper”) y never thought of myself as an actor, but I did think I would become a marine biologist. In fact, I have long come to think, every time there is a new success and every time it seems it would all fizzle out, and yet another big success comes my way, that it is almost as if the movies have chosen me and not the other way around.”


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